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Our Founder


For 50 years, I spent my life in the trench of peak performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping the “best of the best” reach their pinnacle of success in life, sports, and business. My phone bill reflected 6,000 minutes of usage a month. In fact, it still does. My clients’ access to me has been and still is 24/7. Yes…I do receive the 3 AM phone call that says, “I have a Challenge.”

While other prominent coaches of the world took their message to the masses, I chose a path of anonymity. Here I could give my client’s undivided attention. From center court Wimbledon, the diamond of the World Series, the fairways of Augusta, the gridiron of the Super Bowl, to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500, I’ve been there. Most observers believed I was the insurance man or the sports agent.

However, that has changed. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, in 1949, my financially strapped parents moved farther south into the coalmine region of the Appalachian Mountains. Here I saw poverty firsthand. I slept on a mattress that rested on a dirt floor. I asked my mom, “Are we poor? She replied, “We are not poor. You have food. You have milk. You have a home. And unlike the family up the ‘holler,’ you have your own bedroom.” Like my father, my mom was tough … Appalachia tough. And they were the most positive people I’ve ever known.

Several years ago, my mother looked me in the eye from her deathbed and commanded with a whisper, “Go for it! Take your message to the masses. Promise me.” Her only child responded, “I promise, Mom.” With that, she died. My deathbed promise set me on a pathway to deliver my message to the masses.

For decades I’ve privately sold my messages of hope and possibility to the rich and famous with my S.C.O.R.E.® Success System. Now I am ready to share it with you!