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Change Mindset.  Transform Culture. Maximize Profits.

Unlock the strategies and tools utilized by executives from 350 of the Fortune 500 companies. Achieve optimal team performance that accelerates sales growth, maximizes profit, and cultivates meaningful and lasting customer relationships. This proven strategy has been a secret for over 50 years.

Now the S.C.O.R.E.® secret is available to you

The S.C.O.R.E.® System is a mental wellness and peak performance program. It’s designed to fit your specific business needs and lifestyle without inconvenience.

What businesses/industries do we coach?

What are your professional goals and aspirations?

Understanding the Mindset of your Employees

  • Every employee has a SCORE® level. 
  • Collectively these create your corporate culture. 
  • Awareness of SCORE® levels allows for change.

Overcome negativity and stress in the workplace

  • Eliminate gossip, rumor, hearsay and assumption thinking in your work environment
  • Foster a positive top-down culture with your team
  • Generate open communication

Learn how to adjust your SCORE levels in challenging situations

  • Proven cognitive behavioral tools, techniques and tips are provided for swift accurate adjustments
  • Heightened awareness will foster accurate actions and reactions
  • Mental analytics will the bridge the gap between reality and expectation

Why a CEO with an Executive ZoneCoach® is a game changer

  • Customized Life Blueprint to balance professional and personal life
  • You will have a mental advantage over the industry competition
  • Your imagination and creativity will be enhanced to keep you ahead of the competition

Learn skills that open your business up for success

  • Master the five components of self-discipline, concentration, optimism, relaxation, and enjoyment.
  • Take complex challenges and turn them into simple solutions
  • Learn the B2A Principle™ of reverse engineering your business visions and goals to provide a guaranteed pathway to success

Establish lasting relationships with your customers

  • Understanding your clients/customers S.C.O.R.E.® level provides insight to their wants and needs.
  • Become a partner in your customer’s success.
  • Holding your clients/customers accountable ensures their success.

Individual Coaching

With your certified  ZoneCoach® we will help you define your professional and personal life Blueprint helping you focus on what truly matters. You will reduce your thoughts allowing you to think less and produce more while performing free from worry, anxiety or fear in a Zone state.

Our Individual Blueprint Coaching Includes:

  • Customized Life Blueprint
  • ZoneCoach® Mobile App Membership
  • S.C.O.R.E.® Success System tailored to you and your business
  • Customized Cognitive Behavioral Tools
  • Tools to prepare, adjust and evaluate swiftly
    30-minute Coaching Calls
  • S.C.O.R.E.® Assessments and Analytics for your Business Team
  • Access to Live Monthly Webinars
  • Access to Life in the Zone online course

Corporate Coaching

Establish your company vision with corresponding macro goals segregated into annual, quarterly, monthly,, weekly, and daily tasks. With the S.C.O.R.E.® System each team member will have clear responsibility, accountability and authority in reaching overall corporate vision and goals. Simplicity and clarity will decrease turnover, burnout, wasted meeting time and increase synergy, creativity, productivity and cohesive teamwork. Managing the collective thoughts of your company will increase sales and set record EBITDA.

Our Corporate Blueprint Coaching Includes:

  • Leadership, Management, and Sales Teams Customized Life Blueprints.
  • ZoneCoach® Mobile App Membership for you and your Team Members.
  • S.C.O.R.E.® Success System tailored to you and your business needs.
  • Customized Cognitive Behavioral Tools to prepare, adjust and evaluate swiftly.
  • S.C.O.R.E.® Analytics for your department, division or company.
  • Customized business conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Customized Mastery Classes.
  • Visualize Zone Sessions per Request.
  • Access to Live Monthly Webinars.
  • Access to Life in the Zone online course

How it works

The S.C.O.R.E.® System is a flexible framework that adapts to you and/or your organization’s unique goals, challenges, and strengths. The 5 S.C.O.R.E.® markers, when combined, form a domino-like chain shaping your overall business attitude at any moment. They encapsulate daily thoughts, making  attitude synonymous with an overall S.C.O.R.E.® Level. Through personalized coaching, interactive workshops, and self-guided digital resources, we apply the S.C.O.R.E.® principles to your specific context, helping you and/or your company:

If you have a challenge, S.C.O.R.E.® is the solution.

  • Design a personal and professional customized Blueprint.
  • Learn the S.C.O.R.E.® System and how it applies to you and your industry.
  • Solidify pre-performance, performance, and post-performance routines.
  • Increase attention span on revenue generating activities.
  • Instill a sense of unwavering belief in yourself and company.
  • Eliminate impatience, frustration, and anger in the workplace.
  • Find pleasure in overcoming your business challenges.
  • Change and influence thoughts in your P&L line items to maximize profit.
  • Attract the elusive Zone mindset.

Business In The Zone

Online Course
Learn the proven formula to maximize earnings. Eliminate stress, gossip and anxiety in your work environment while achieving record profits. You will then be able to apply S.C.O.R.E.® principles to overcome obstacles, enhance focus, cultivate a winning mindset, and find joy in the pursuit of excellence. It’s time you take your business, clients, partners and team members to new heights. This is more than learning; it’s about evolving into the best version of yourself.

Why ZoneCoach®?

For over 50 years, our company has coached more champions in the corporate world than anyone else globally. The reason? We are the exclusive experts in the proprietary S.C.O.R.E.® System. We leverage S.C.O.R.E.® to help you achieve your business objectives and realize your professional aspirations. While speed and quality often conflict, with ZoneCoach® and the S.C.O.R.E.® System, we enable rapid, high-quality transformation, driving swift and positive business outcomes.


years of expertise


Blueprints Completed


Different Industries

  • Mike Flaskey

    CEO, Diamond Resorts International
    If you want to organize your life in order to be your genuine, authentic, best self, the S.C.O.R.E.® System is the proven solution.
  • Rick Kahlbaugh

    CEO, Fortegra Financial
    In one talk Jim Fannin changed my life and most of the lives in my management team.
  • Steve Patscot

    Senior Executive, Spencer Stuart
    The S.C.O.R.E.® System has provided both my son and I the success tools needed to achieve peak performance. As a bonus, the tools have cemented our relationship forever.
  • Chad Sellers

    Equity 55 Real Estate
    We are outselling the competition 2 to 1 thanks to the S.C.O.R.E.® System.
  • Rob Wilson

    President, Employco, USA
    After I implemented the S.C.O.R.E.® System, my 18-year old business had its best year ever in 2016. My life completely changed.

    Team Analytics

    Zone Analytics is used to assess the S.C.O.R.E.® Level of an organization to effectively influence the team into a collective Zone mindset.
    • Determine the S.C.O.R.E.® level of your collective team
    • Decipher which elements of S.C.O.R.E.® need attention
    • Fully automated data acquisition process
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    Let Us Build Your Blueprint

    Master your professional journey with the expertise and guidance of ZoneCoach®