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Jim Fannin

Jim Fannin stands unparalleled as the foremost authority on the champion’s mindset. With a storied career spanning decades, Jim has been the guiding force behind countless successes, having coached world-class athletes, CEOs, and entertainers to reach the zenith of their fields.

His unique insights into peak performance and his innovative techniques have redefined what it means to think and act like a champion. That’s why Jim has been a leading mental coach and life coach for decades.

Our Coaches

Peter Fleming

Life & Sports Mental Coach

Peter Fleming’s prowess on the tennis court is undeniably legendary. Partnering mostly with John McEnroe, this duo dominated men’s doubles, clinching 7 Grand Slam titles together — 4 at Wimbledon and 3 at the US Open.

Ann Grossman

Life & Sports Mental Coach

From the early age of four, Ann Grossman‘s tennis trajectory was set on an exceptional course, receiving mental skills coaching under the esteemed guidance of S.C.O.R.E.® System founder, Jim Fannin. 

Ryan Lidge

Life & Sports Mental Coach

Embark on a journey with Ryan Lidge, your guide to  mental performance and life mastery. From his  days at the University of Notre Dame to playing under the New York Yankees banner, Ryan has not just played the game, he’s lived it.

Caleb Claton

Life & Mental Coach

Step into the arena of greatness with Caleb Claton, an elite ZoneCoach® Trainer dedicated to catapulting you towards your unique vision of success, be it in life, business, or sports.