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Ann Grossman

Certified ZoneCoach®

From the early age of four, Ann Grossman‘s tennis trajectory was set on an exceptional course, receiving mental skills coaching under the esteemed guidance of S.C.O.R.E.® System founder, Jim Fannin.

Experience & Background: Why Ann Is an Exceptional Life & Sports Mental Coach

Ann’s journey to excellence started early. At the age of 12, Ann received a scholarship to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. By 16, she had already made her mark on the U.S. Open, leading to her competing in 40 Grand Slams and winning against tennis legends, such as Martina Navratilova and Gabriela Sabatini.

Ann’s transition from a celebrated athlete to a revered life and sports mental coach was seamless. She transformed talents like Francesca Di Lorenzo from nascent stages to seasoned professionals. Her coaching methods, deeply rooted in mental fortitude and strategy, have been transformative across the board.

As the President and Co-Founder of the Women’s Tennis Coaching Association (WTCA), Ann Grossman has become a beacon for excellence in women’s tennis coaching, advocating for the sport and its future.

Outside of Life & Sports Mental Coaching

Beyond the courts, Ann Grossman has a global influence. As an accomplished public speaker, Ann has conducted workshops, webinars, and keynotes across multiple continents, from the dynamic stages of China and Europe to the diverse platforms in the United States. Whether it’s addressing budding players, seasoned coaches, or avid tennis enthusiasts, her words resonate with passion, experience, and wisdom.

Away from the limelight, Ann finds joy and grounding with her Olympian husband, Eric Wunderlich, and their two sons, who both echo their parents’ love for sports.

But Ann’s expertise isn’t confined to the tennis court. Her holistic approach extends to aiding individuals in various sports, especially tennis. In fact, Ann is a beacon for those seeking guidance in physical and mental wellness, understanding the intricate balance needed for optimal performance.

Furthermore, drawing from her vast experience in organizing, leading, and directing initiatives at WTCA, Ann also provides invaluable insights into the realm of small business management.

If you’re on a quest to excel in sports, personal wellbeing, or the intricate world of small business, Ann Grossman is the mentor you seek. Her journey, a testament to dedication and visionary leadership, is an open book from which countless individuals can draw inspiration and guidance.

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