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Peter Fleming

Certified ZoneCoach®

Peter Fleming’s prowess on the tennis court is undeniably legendary. Partnering predominantly with John McEnroe, this dynamic duo dominated men’s doubles, clinching 7 Grand Slam titles together — 4 at Wimbledon and 3 at the US Open.

Beyond these monumental victories, Peter maintained a formidable presence in singles, achieving a career-high singles ranking of World No. 8. As a testament to his dedication and skill, he was also an integral part of the U.S. Davis Cup team, helping them secure victory multiple times.

Now, as a certified ZoneCoach® Trainer, Peter infuses his vast experiences and accomplishments into mentoring aspiring tennis players, ensuring they harness their genuine potential and achieve their best on and off the court.

Experience & Background: Why Peter Is an Extraordinary Life & Sports Mental Coach

With Peter’s sports mental coaching and guidance, you’re not just learning tennis; you’re also imbibing the spirit of a champion. Peter Fleming’s illustrious tennis career is only a part of his life’s rich tapestry. Beyond the Grand Slam titles and the echoing applause of tennis courts, Peter has always showcased an unwavering devotion to physical wellness.

A staunch advocate for holistic health, he deeply believes in the transformative power of breath work and yoga. For years, Peter has practiced and promoted these ancient disciplines, harnessing their potential to unlock super healing and achieve unparalleled physical well-being. Peter’s commitment to this holistic approach is evident in every serve, every volley, and now in his mentoring methods.

As a certified ZoneCoach® Trainer, Peter Fleming doesn’t just teach tennis techniques; he also integrates breath work and yoga principles, ensuring that his protégés cultivate not only athletic prowess but also holistic health and resilience.

With Peter Fleming, the journey to greatness is both on the court and within oneself.