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Ryan Lidge

Certified ZoneCoach®

Embark on a transformative journey with Ryan Lidge, your guide to unparalleled mental performance and life mastery. From his freshman days at the University of Notre Dame to playing under the iconic New York Yankees banner, Ryan has not just played the game; he’s lived and breathed it. 

Under the mentorship of Coach of Champions Jim Fannin for over a decade, Ryan Lidge has perfected the S.C.O.R.E. ® System, a proven method to consistently achieve “The Zone” – the mental state where performance peaks.

Experience & Background: Why Ryan Is an Exceptional Life & Sports Mental Coach

What sets Ryan apart is his tangible success on the field. He’s a three-time All-Star and the premier backstop for the Chicago Dogs in the American Association. This isn’t just theory – Ryan has walked the high-pressure path and emerged a victor.

But his expertise isn’t limited to his personal journey. Ryan has successfully coached college and high school coaches, as well as student-athletes, guiding them into their own Zone. His deep-rooted baseball lineage, including inspirations like his World Series-winning cousin Brad Lidge, provides a reservoir of wisdom that he passionately shares.

Family values, instilled by his parents Peggy and Chris, and siblings Mike, Dylan (Ryan’s twin), and Maggie, ensure Ryan’s approach is holistic. He understands the importance of balance, both in sports and life, making him an ideal mentor for young, budding athletes.

Beyond Life & Sports Mental Coaching

Away from the hustle, Ryan’s eclectic interests, from film scripting to guitar strumming, have honed his ability to connect, relate, and inspire across a spectrum of personalities.

Don’t just play the game; redefine it. With Ryan Lidge’s unique insights, derived from both his professional journey and the invaluable S.C.O.R.E.® System, you or your team can unlock untapped potential. Let Ryan Lidge be the catalyst for your journey to peak performance.

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