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Online Sports Courses

Sports Mental Performance Courses for Athletes & Teams

The Zone mindset of peak performance is the secret formula the world’s best athletes use to perform at a consistently high level. It’s a mindset that any person or team can attract to gain an edge over their competition. Jim has worked with an Olympic Gold Medalist, 3 MLB Hall of Famers, the # 1 pro golfer, and MUCH more!

This Sports in the Zone Course will help you become the BEST you can be in your sport.

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Sports In The Zone

Do you want to be able to put the Zone on like an overcoat? Attracting the purposeful calm feeling where nothing can go wrong in every sport performance. Want to gain a mental edge over the competition? Be the best prepared athlete tin the arena? ZoneCoach® Jim Fannin has the only proven formula to help you attract the peak performance mindset known as the Zone.
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Golf In The Zone

The Zone is the mindset where personal and course records are shattered and your play your best golf. It is the bottom line of peak performance! Jim Fannin found the secret formula the world’s best golfers use to perform at a consistently high level. Any golfer can attract this mindset gaining an edge over the rest of the field.
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Tennis In The Zone

Playing tennis feels effortless when playing in the Zone. You feel like you can hit the ball with precision wherever you want, have your “big” serve, and intuitively know how to exploit your opponent. The end result of the Zone is peak performance!

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