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Tennis in the Zone

Tennis Courses Online for a Champion Mindset

Playing tennis feels effortless when playing in the Zone. You feel like you can hit the ball with precision wherever you want, have your “big” serve, and intuitively know how to exploit your opponent. The end result of the Zone is peak performance! Former tennis professional, Jim Fannin, found the secret formula to this Zone mindset.

Any tennis player can attract this mindset gaining an edge over the rest of the competition. Jim has coached the #1 pro tennis player from 16 different countries, seven world’s top 10 pro tennis players, and much more!

This Tennis in the Zone Course will help you play your best tennis.

Course Overview


Jim Fannin

Jim Fannin is the World’s #1 Coach of Champions. More than a “life” coach,” Jim Fannin is a “change your life” coach. Using the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System and his proven Life Blueprint™ will EMPOWER you to SWIFTLY become your genuine, authentic best self while maximizing profits. Jim has guided the careers of the world’s best athletes, having privately coached individuals and teams from 22 professional sports and amateurs from every sport. Jim is a former professional tennis player and has coached the #1 pro tennis player in 16 different countries and seven world’s top 10 pro tennis players.

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